2021 Pledge Letter

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

My prayers are with you today in this challenging time and, along with all our vestry members and staff, we send our warmest wishes for your health and safety.

In the past months, we’ve seen extraordinary changes to our daily lives following the need to temporarily close our churches to public worship, the directive to stay at home, and then the guidelines to try and re-gather. We’ve postponed services of baptisms and canceled potlucks and retreats, suspended coffee hour, our First Responder’s BBQ, and our church staff and vestry are now ministering safer-from-home.

Despite these circumstances, we have lived boldly into our new theme ‘One Together,’ based on the opening liturgy of Holy Baptism: There is one Body and one Spirit; There is one hope in God’s call to us; One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism; One God and Father of all.

The ministries at St. Pauls’ have indeed continued – some have even thrived! I’ve been heartened by the strength and resilience of our team as we’ve found ways to maintain connection within our parish communities and more broadly within our wider community:

  • Our communications and IT volunteers have developed digital slides for over 10 expressions of regular online weekly worship services, now broadcasting over 28 services per month
  • Our Altar Guild continues to create flower arrangements for our online services during this pandemic
  • The Vestry continues to meet monthly and has been working on the plans for the cottage and the new property. We will send you further information in the near future
  • Our signature ministries, the Day School and the OPP shop reopened and continue to serve our community.

Our Rector and others continue to provide spiritual and pastoral care ministry and recently conducted three funerals, 2 graveside services, and 1 wedding! 

We live as ‘One Together’ through our baptism, and our one faith unites us even when we are not together physically. While we have missed worship in our historic building, we are the one body – the feet and the hands of Jesus in this community – we are the Church. Our Church is busy following God’s call to us.

We all continue to feel the pinch of this uncertain time. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church relies on support from individuals who declare their faithful commitment to our church through a pledge. We are so glad you are here and hope you will join our effort. If you are able, please consider an immediate ‘One Together’ donation now along with your pledge of financial support for 2021. Join me and our entire vestry to sustain our mission and ministry. Now more than ever, your gifts make a difference. We would be most grateful for your pledge, for which a card can be found at this link, by November 01, 2020.

In Christ’s Name,

The Reverend Lee Gandiya

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